Manifest Destiny

The concept of Manifest destiny was that America was destined to grow from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Arctic to the tropics. Others believed it would benefit the economy of America if the country expanded into Mexico and Canada. For economic reasons, the industrialists, and businessmen only had a positive image of where it would be heading.  
Americans started to believe they had to increase their territory. So, their democracy and freedom would benefit the colonists in America. Americans needed raw materials and provide products to the people.   They wanted to sell products to the people in the area which were controlled by America.
Politicians were rooting for the Manifest Destiny because they believed it would magnify America’s government into corrupted and hopeless areas. As well as the politicians the general public were in awe of the concept because they felt it brought about the development of liberty, and considered it evidence of God’s benevolence to this virtuous republic.
Not all American considered this expansion acceptable. For Native Americans, whose ancestors arrived in North America thousands of years before the Europeans, it was a story of defeat for them. By 1850 diseases and guns reduced the Indian population. Indians perished of disease, and malnutrition. The idea of “one big reservation” in the West would force Indians onto small reservations.
The Manifest Destiny coined by John O’Sullivan impacted American politics in the 1840s.   Even politicians such as Andrew Jackson saw it as advantage to politics as he believed it was extending freedom around the area by adding territories to America. This also meant slavery was to be around for longer. The concept was promoted in newspapers, posters, and other forms advertising available at the time. Also the westward expansion news spread across. People from the east were coming to the west for the gain of inexpensive land. The Pre-emption Act was established in 1841 that allowed that...