Managing Your Learning

Managing Your Learning

Activity 5.1

What kind of learner am I?

How will I manage my learning most effectively as I work through my

work-based learning inquiries?

Enjoyable and effective learning experience

My most enjoyable learning experience was learning to use a camera properly at

college. The technical and manual aspects appealed to me most and I also

enjoyed the physical side of handling the camera and making changes. Working

in a darkroom environment I could see that decisions on timing, lighting etc.

made a massive difference on the outcome. Experimenting with settings for

exposure, apertures and light sensitivities would be needed to get to the

outcome I wanted. A lot of it was trial and error, but this made it more satisfying

at the end.

This type of learning, where I gain knowledge and can then put it into practice is

probably the best for me, as I like to see the results.

A less enjoyable experience

Physics had to be my most hated subject at school, mainly because of the wealth

of formulas that had to be learned for exams. I cold not wrap my head around

these formulas, presented in textbooks that seemed to live in my memory for all

of 5 seconds before I was distracted by something else. Again the lessons where

we took part in experiments were more enjoyable as I could see events

happening and engaged more with course work. But ultimately the screeds of

text to be read did not catch my imagination and I became disinterested.


I was always drawn to areas of learning where I could acquire a new skill that I

could put to use, such as drawing in Art Class, woodwork and joinery in CDT and

draughtsmanship in Graphic Communication. Looking online at descriptions of

learning I see myself fitting into the category of Kinesthetic Learners.

Kinesthetic Learners: Touch Kinesthetic learners process information best through a

“hands-on” experience....