Managing Resources and Operations


Sandra Fitzhugh
Managing Resources and Operations


Today there are so many investments in technology and the true power of the internet makes it so easier for big and small companies alike to go global.   Before only the larger companies were thought of as multinational corporations, but today this is no longer true.   Globalizing a business is a good venture since growth in revenue and shares are show little change in today’s markets, but the international market is what businesses are looking for and is a great opportunity for overseas startups.   This paper is an attempt to show some issues to overcome when you expand in the overseas market with PPQ parts expanding in Japan and Germany.

Environmental scanning is a technology that managers understand.   These techniques will allow managers to identify the trends that help get the important information that will help them understand the conditions that will affect their operations and the cause of the change.
Since businesses will operate under a certain political rule, the environment and the development of public policy will affect business operations along with economics and interest rates as well as unemployment and the GDP all of which can be global or domestic and all global events should be taken into great consideration.
Throughout the years there have been a lot of demographic changes because of the shift in the workforce.   There has been a change in the shift between men, women and minorities which brings about change in our economic development.
Computer software and hardware are not the only technology force that are changing in the world today there are a lot of breakthroughs that are making a change in today’s market such as the medical field of technology.   Companies need to take a good look at who they are competing with and know that their employees and other interest groups can affect the way they manage their...