Managing Relationship When Dealing Wih Opposite Sex:

Managing relationship when dealing wih opposite sex:
Whether its friend circle, family life or love life, most important question is who should have bulk of control? You, or your friend , or your girl friends, or your boy friends. In different situations nature of relationship may vary but question of control remain there. Should gender biases be there to decide the question of control or any other criteria ?
Gender biases should never come in between whenever relationship has to be maintained. Most of the relationships are broken due to egoistic approach. A relationship can not prolong if question of authority comes in between. Best answer for bulk of control may be equal control of both parties or if not possible it may be worked out by consensus. Whenever there is a relationship of any nature, one among two persons has to compromise on some issues and in several situations other party has to compromise. The question of control can only be negotiated by compromise. Overall control by one person can be exercised only in official matters. However, successful administrator never tries to dominate over their staff, they always try to take cooperation from their subordinates.
In family matters, if you are male and husband and by virtue of being this you take bulk of control, your relationship with your family is not going to continue for a longtime. Likewise, if you are having relationship with opposite sex, never try to impose your ideas on other person. Everyone has his or her ego so take care don't hurt any one's ego if you wish to continue your relationship with one and all for a longer period.
Managing relations with friends of same sex:
Bachelor life is different than the married life. Friend circle of bachelor life gets limited with time. Compulsions and liabilities teach several lessons. If one wish to have same warmth in their relations, several things need to be learn. One gets limited time to fulfill the obligations on part of friendship. After marriage,...