Managing Oneself

Managing Oneself, by Peter F. Drucker
Reading summary

....companies today aren’t managing their knowledge worker’s careers, rather we must each be our own chief executive officer.....

To begin a life of excellence we should act as CEO and start by asking:
1. What are my strength; use some assessment tools as to get feedback and analysis. Once we know our own strength then we can focus on our strength, improve it further and check whether you ignore other area as you focus only in one area, avoid bad manners & know what should NOT do
2. How do I work best; for example, as to understand yourself whether you are a reader or listener, how do you learn best and are you decision maker or advisor. The best thing is to use the suitable method & don’t try too hard to change
3. What are my values; what is important to you in term of ethics as a hint to check your suitability with the company, for example; short term objective versus long term objective, quality versus quantity, etc
4. Where do I belong; what kind of environment would you fit in best. This is next requirement for someone to be a star performer after knowing own strength and values
5. What can I contribute; decide what to contribute based on your understanding of situation and your understanding of yourself to make a difference
Responsibility for relationship; look at people around you as much human & individual as you are so you can understand each other and reduce potential conflict

1. Is the personal profile fixed during someone’s life or is there a chance to change over period of time? Why?
2. Is there a tool to help us identify list of values & behavior which are expected in certain position?
3. Reading a biography of a leader or succesful person will help us to understand those 5 points applied in someone’s life