Managing Corporate Finance


Course: MBA in General Management-Vietnam

Level:   M

Module: Managing Corporate Finance

Credits: 12

Assignment: One of one

Weighting: 100%

Date Issued: posted on WebCT on December 1, 2006

Submission Date: Friday 13th April 2007

Tutor: Terry Elliott

Contact Details: Telephone (0044)-1204-903024

ID Student: 0508265/1


Vietnam became the 150th member of World Trade Organization (WTO) on 11 Jan 2007. Its day was a special day as it set a historic landmark in Vietnam’s economic development. Not only is it the landmark in Vietnam‘s stride for full integration into the global economy, but also the historic milestone in our country’s long process of pursuing the renovation.

Besides the efficient negotiations have helped open the WTO door to Vietnam, but the driving force behind is the country’s renovation, which was initiated 20 years ago. And our country currently is being accessed as a dynamic developing country in the world. We totally noted that opportunities are one side of the new era, while the other side exposes challenges and risks. Foreign develop investment (FDI) inflow is likely to surge due to the market-opening policies; harsher competition will knock out many local corporate players. But from an overall perspective, our country’ economy will be benefit.

This significance event brings abundant challenges and opportunities to government, to all business sectors. Especially, as consequence, to adequate structure policies reform and “The financial sector reform is the center of such reform, which will contribute to both external and domestic capital mobilization for competitive industries “as the JIBC chief opinion.

Indeed, Corporate Finance environment is one of the dominant respects that mainly impacts to any country’s economic. Proven experience spending in a lot countries that Finance environment had played as a key role in luring...