Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Cause and effect of conflict
A conflict which has arisen within the Blockline recently was regarding the loss of payment for shift handovers for the Supervisors (approx 30 minutes per shift). A handover takes place at the end of one shift and the start of the next shift. During this time the Supervisors would discuss any issues that had occurred during the shift that is finishing, for example, machine breakdowns, quality issues and Service expectations. This handover normally took place after the oncoming shift Supervisor had set his shift up and everything was running, about 15 minutes into his shift. While the oncoming Supervisor was setting his shift up the Supervisor that was finishing would use this 15 minutes to input all of his figures and send out his shift report. In the past this has been paid as overtime but had the potential to be abused by someone staying over longer than was necessary.
The stages in the development of the conflict are as follows.
  * Decision made to stop payment for handovers
  * Manager made Grade 1 aware of new process
  * Grade 1 ensure Supervisors are aware handovers will no longer be paid
  * The Supervisors are not happy about the new process as handovers are still expected to take place and seek advice from the union
  * All of the Supervisors stop working over to handover
  * Not all relevant information is being communicated between shifts
  * Handover forms generated to assist in communications between shifts
The effects of conflict on the team
The effect this conflict had on my team Supervisors was the lack of cooperation to pass on key information. The conversations between the Supervisors started to happen while the Supervisor that was finishing was trying to input his figures and get his block report finished so that he could leave on time. This meant that there was a real potential of vital information not getting the focus it needed. Also, on a few occasions I needed my Supervisor to change their...