Managing and Responding to the Behaviour

Literature review Module 3
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This section of the assignment will focus on managing and responding to different behaviours in the learning environment. I will research different views on this in the literature, legislations and policies.

Montgomery (1989) describes behaviour which has to be managed as ‘any kind of behaviour which prevents the teacher from teaching and the learner from learning’ (pg 10). These types and levels of the behaviour vary considerably according to teacher’s personal views, beliefs and experiences. Armitage (2003) and Montgomery (1989) both agree that it also very much depends on a teachers personal levels of tolerance, judgement and mood on a particular day.   However Montgomery (1989) adds that the teacher should learn to take control of his/her personal feeling to ensure fair and effective response to the behaviour.

There are many types of disruptive behaviour which affect the learning environment such as lateness, shouting, swearing, throwing things, calling others names, sarcasm and in some cases even aggression towards others. Technologies such as mobile phones or MP3 players can cause disruption if used without the permission of a teacher. Cohen et. al. (2004) point out that we as teachers have a legal responsibility to maintain order and discipline within the learning environment, under the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Act, 1991. This Act not only sets the arrangements for the pay of all the teachers but also sets out their teaching and learning responsibility. The Education and Inspections Act 2006 gives schools and those working within them legal power when dealing with behaviour and discipline of pupils. Cohen et. al. (2004) point out that all schools are required to have a behavioural policy which sets out clear instructions for rewards, punishments and procedures for handling bad behaviour. It must also include indications on how to deal with bullying in all its forms. This policy must be...