Managerial Skills

In every company there is a set of policy and procedures that must be followed. One should have some knowledge of the mission and statements of the company. One should also have knowledge if the vision and mission statement of the organization. One should also have complete knowledge of the daily operations and process of not only the business but also the department as well. By knowing ones qualities it will allow him or her to better define the responsibilities that will be most beneficial in the organization success. Identifying ones strengths and weaknesses, a personal leadership style will assist one in the defining processes for which position will be a perfect fit.
Examining going over my management skills, I know that the best position that would suit me and my business needs would be my current position as manager/owner. This position has allowed me to exercise my leadership’s skills and effective decisions making skills while developing relationship with others in my business to increase the centers assets and future endeavors. This will be done by relentless marketing and strategic planning involving all team members within the center.
Robbins (2007) defines leadership as the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals. “Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organization.” (House et al. 1999)   Organizations need strong leadership and strong management for optimal effectiveness.” Leadership is a social influence process; it cannot exist without a leader and one or more followers. There are different types of leadership theories, each can be applied to fit various situations that may arise in a company’s daily activities.
By taking the prentice hall self assessment on my leadership style, it concluded that the leadership style that matches my personality is a task-oriented individual. This type of individual...