Managerial Decision Making Phase 1 Db2

Phase 1 Discussion Board 2
                                                                    Eric Rawlings
                                                Applied Managerial Decision-Making
                                                      Colorado Technical University
                                                        Professor Priscilla Johnson
                                                                      July 9, 2014


    There was a merger between WidgeCorp and Company W which made WidgeCorp the leader in the snack foods industry. The two companies had different styles of management and how they make decisions. The staff at WidgeCorp retrieved data through utilizing statistical analysis in order to decide what best for the company and recommendations. However; Company W would rely on prior experience and judgment of its managers. As of now, the companies are individually managed however; over the next year all departments will combine as one. I am an employee with Company W and tasked with presenting WidgeCorp executives with statistical verification and analysis. I will introduce various departments such as Marketing, Sales, and Production as to how statistical analysis work. In additional, I will also educate Company W as well. WidgeCorp will gather data from consumers via a 1-800 phone bank (Colorado Technical University, 2014).

Three Quantitative Objects

    Quantitative objects are always numerical in value. This particular data may be counted or expressed for example the vehicle identification number on a car can be expressed and counted. The information can be very valuable to the marketing department.
  1. Variables: The number of callers annually- discrete
  2. Variables: What month are the most snacks sold- discrete
  3. Variables: What are the age groups that place orders- discrete
Data can also be collected by during phone calls by conducting surveys or recording calls to get feedback...