Strategic Information System

The strategic information system is a backbone for any organization as it gives the organization a platform to address and streamline its business process and instead of reactive approach it gives the foundation for proactive thinking and as a result give the organization ideas how they can improve the processes continuously to get a competitive advantage over other organizations in the same business. The only way the companies can get a competitive advantage is if they are closely monitoring the changing environment around them and adapt to them quickly to get advantage of these changes and these changes could be anything from technology to cultural changes and changes in liking and disliking of people over time. Therefore Strategic information system is like a network management protocol which constantly monitors system and alert you about your deficiencies and give you a direction how you can improve or replace them with practises in best interest of the company

Key characteristics of Strategic Information systems are as under (Bhatia 2007):

1. Decision support system which helps organization to streamline their process and integrate information system with business strategies

2. Resource management system which optimises the use of resources e:g in terms of human resources, how to better utilization of their skills and one of the strategy could be to put them into different specialist pools and assign them responsibilities in the area of their expertise

3. Centralized database system to efficiently handle customer requirements and to make effective and efficient use of corporate resources for marketing and innovation

4. Real-time information system which normally gets instant feedback about organization performance and an indicator of how good the organization is performing

There is a general agreement that strategic systems are those information systems that may be used gaining competitive advantage (Leopoldo...