Report re: Bashire Momoniat
Mr M had services commissioned for an Hour’s morning care, half hour lunch visit and half hour evening visit on the 29/01/2015
His usual lunch time carer, Ahmed was on leave from                     and a replacement, M filled in to cover the leave. However it was not picked up that M was on leave on Thursdays and on Thursday the             no carer arrived. As Mrs m was at home from work that day she phoned the office and was contacted by Sue the Care Co-ordinator who apologised for the mistake and a replacement carer was sent round. Sue
stated to Mrs M that she would ensure that the Thursday Lunch time care slot would be covered the following week.
The following Wednesday Mrs L left the office at short notice without giving any handover information and has been on sick leave since. Her responsibilities were taken over at short notice by other staff in the office but there was no information that was available to highlight the need to cover Mr M visit the following day.
On Thursday                 the morning visit took place as usual and Mrs M left for work that morning at 11.45am. Unfortunately the Lunch time visit was again not covered. By the time the evening carer visited at 19.30 Mr M was found in bed and was non responsive to attempts to wake him. We understand that a relative had also arrived at the home shortly before the carer. Whilst she tried to contact Mrs M   an Ambulance was called and Mr M was taken to hospital that evening
Mr M does have a Panic Button on his wrist but had not used it. Because he stays in bed it is suspected that he drifted off to sleep and fell into a coma at some time in the afternoon
, the registered manager informed Safeguarding services at the first opportunity the following day and we have been awaiting the outcome of the safeguarding investigation since
We recognise a failure in our duty of care to Mr M in this instance and have personally apologised to Mrs m in not...