Responsibilities of a team leader

As a team leader you should always look to inspire the team with which you are working by setting an example. My father always told me: If you love your brothers and wan them to achieve   great things in life make sure you chose the right path; to quote Albert Einstein - "Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing." Try not to arrive late or leave work early and always be polite to other co-workers, always delegate things equally and make them see you are a great hard-worker.

To be responsible and dependable are much needed qualities of a team leader. Be there to coach   the group, solve and help to workout problems and always participate with the team, even with the most mundane of tasks.

Always acknowledge and be enthusiastic for contributions from fellow team members. Recognize when they are succeeding but also be able to lend a hand providing help with their ideas.

Be there for them and speak with the supervisor about what is to benefit the team. These benefits can include such things as: Performance appraisals, management issues,   and problems within the group.

At times problems can occur when someone with higher authority is needed.

Such problems can be a threat within the group, which may not be able to be overcome with words from the group. At some points a harsher word from someone senior is what is needed to keep a person in line.

A more authorized body can also be needed to help break down the targets that have been asked. Whether it be to the most delicate of subjects or just a general overview, they should always be there to help explain a situation and support the team.

A good example of a problem being taken to higher authority taken place a few days ago at ‘The Baron at Bucknell’. One of my team member being asked if he used the stock rotation he lied to me saying that he did; asked again about...