1.0 Introduction

Vodafone is a telecommunication company with its headquarters in London. It is one of the largest telecommunication organisation ,basing on the number of its subscribers and its revnue.It mainly provides telecommunication services and also broadband services.To work in such an industry IT skills are   good customer service skills are required.The services are going to be provided by Brazilian nationals that are trained by Australians.

2.0 Political Environment

In Brazil the president is both the head state and head of government.Elections are held after every four years and Brazil is a democratic country,which means there is equality of rights and privileges .Also the Brazilian government is stable.Brazil has strong ties with countries in South America and it welcomes foreign investors.Since the president of Brazil is both the head of state and head of government it is easier and faster for Vodafone to expand its businesses to Brazil ,due to less delays in decision making.Unlike when a lot of people are involved in the decision making.However it is important to note there are other people that also contribute to the decisions making.Since Brazil is a democratic country,citizens can not be banned from using Vodafone   services,but rather Brazilian nationals are free to make their own decisions of whether or not to be part of the market share .Market share is the total percentage of customers that are served by a particular organisation.(Hubbard et al. 2010, 39)

The fact that Brazil`s elections   are held after every four years and the country has a democracy system it is   easier to conclude that the country has fair, peaceful elections,and there are no civil wars.This is an advantage because no violent acts or corruption would affect the Vodafone.Also it would be less likely for the company to face political risks.A political risk is a loss of assets ,earning power or managerial control due to political based events by government(Danny...