The Future of Gene One

Gene One will create a passionate organization that leads the industry in cutting edge technology to provide produce for the betterment of society. The company will contribute to society by creating produce for healthy living created by the top researchers in the country. Gene one will extensively research for better and new produce for the benefit of society and its stakeholders.

Don Ruiz
Don Ruiz seems task oriented and focused on getting the tasks done that he believes will help with the IPO. However his relationship skills seem lacking. He doesn't seem to know how to motivate his team or control the culture as his company enters a new form.

The material states that employees look to him for leadership. He has a weakness in motivating his team members and leaving his personal relationships outside of work decisions. The company will benefit by including relations-oriented leadership style. Strengthening relationships will instill trust in the followers which will minimize the loss of employees as the company approaches IPO.
He is very focused on what the company's new goals are, but is his leadership style affecting the team's performance? He needs not to say things like "if you don't agree, I'll take your resignation". That discourages the team members. Still, Don's lack of motivation really hurt his team. I liked the fact that he is kind of open to suggestions, but I also agree with the personal relations issue. They have been together for 8 years, I understand that, but as a leader you need to understand that there are people that can do their best and still are not fitted for the job.

Don Ruiz as the CEO decided that in order to continue the company's upward growth and to reach their conservative growth targets they need to go public within the next three years. Gene One is a very young company and the current members have no experience in an initial public offering. The inexperience of the current...