Management 499 case 1.
September 4, 2011

1. Give your assessment of John Mackey’s strategic vision for Whole Foods Market, the core values that Whole Foods displays in its operations, the company’s strategy, and the manner in which the company is operated.

The strategic vision for Whole Foods Market as outline by John Mackey CEO of the company was to ensure that Whole Foods Market becomes an internationally recognize leader in the Whole Industry. He aligned his vision with making sure that the company is present in every community by building local stores that will have not only natural foods but the best of foods that when consume will make people healthy.
The company core values were to ensure that the company sells the highest quality of natural and organic products available to the entity, making sure that the most important stakeholders(customers) needs are met, providing the best customer service ever in the industry, ensuring that customers are informed via education on the types of products that are sold and the value they will get from the products purchase, providing our most important stakeholders(customers) with the best products, making sure that our employees and staff members are happy through the creation of a work environment that respect their opinions and educating them to make them not only good employees but also good citizens, making sure that our shareholders investments meet the highest profit and growth, and communicating honestly to everyone on every aspect of the business to stakeholders, shareholders, the community and the world as a whole, just to name of few.
After a careful reading of the text, I came to the understanding that the company operation was like any other company that wants to be a leader in the industry that they operates within. The involvement of the stakeholders (customers and employees) who are the most important elements of any business and the education of the general public are some of the pluses of the...