(1.) We are saying if one applies one or more of 6m's of business,one has engaged in business.thought he must take in to an account the last m which is the market for his goods and services are worthless without the market.Therefore my concern is based on the statement; "application of one of the six business m'' under what conditions can an individual find himself applying one of the 6m's?, let alone the last m- market because it is the must.And what kind of an enterprise would that be?

(2.) Am I right to say there is no such thing as the duplication of the bussiness organization in the case of ''TAXI-4 plus.'' because one man may have engaged in the creative thought,finally   tested the evaluated the idea and investigation test   through its major objectives Feasibility and   Viasbility and then ventured in his enterprise.The next person sees that there are four Taxis around the entire Maseru town therefore identifies the need and engages in this kind of business   and thereby generates profit.Is the second man duplicating his this enterprise? if so, how because the need was never met and satisfied?   All the questions asked under the evaluation process are positive and the idea is possible and practical, can we still insist that the need must have never been met elsewhere?

(3.)To what extend is coming up with the business organization difficult, Sir?

(4.)Government Organisations are easily identified with the "N,A,C" With my understanding Sir therefore IEC(Indepentant Electrol Commission) is not indepentant but depends on the Government.Or the C in this case does not reflect the involvement of the government?
From: griffith mokorotlo
Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 10:03 PM

Good morning sir and thank you for the inquiry. I am suggesting that you come to our office and we jointly address your concerns. Any time that is convenient for you shall be utilised.

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