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Live, breathe and wear passion

Curriculum Topics
• Product
• Promotion
• Place
• Price
• People


in his home town Molvena, Italy. Acting on impulse, he decided to

Have you ever heard of passion in the marketing mix? How

was drawn to the rebellious fabric of the 1960s and rock & roll:

about people? Those two Ps never seem to figure alongside the

denim. It inspired him to create jeans which would allow him and

famous four which you, will of course, know by heart. This case

others to express themselves in ways other clothing simply could

study shows that having the depth of passion and the right people

not. Proving popular, Renzo made more and more of his hand-

are crucial missing links in binding the regular Ps together.

crafted creations, selling them around Italy from the back of his

use his passion to make the clothes he wanted to wear. Renzo

little van. The still-young Renzo is the proud owner and CEO of
Diesel builds its entire existence around the passion for what it

Diesel along with that impressive list of figures. That impulse and

does. With a founder who sees his work as an art and not a

passion apparently paid off.

science, the company has redefined how a brand sees and
communicates with its customers since 1978. It is the Diesel story


we will look at in this case study.
Diesel sells nice jeans. Close, but no ‘A’. Actually, it’s not that
Diesel is a global clothing and lifestyle brand. With a history

close. The reason Diesel has grown is because it knows it is about

stretching back over 30 years, the company now employs some

a lot more than selling nice jeans. Diesel is a lifestyle: if that

2,200 people globally with a turnover of €1.3 billion and its

lifestyle appeals to you, you might like to buy the products. Renzo

products are available in more than 5,000 outlets. However,...