Management Science

Medium Size Services:
  1. Welfare services
  2. Agriculture plantation services
  3. Entertainment Services
  4. Forestry services
  5. Fishing services
  6. Coal transportation services
  7. Oil transport services
  8. Petrol refining services
  9. Natural gas extraction services
  10. Tobacco manufacturing services
  11. Food processing services
  12. Beverages services
  13. Textile services
  14. Apparel services
  15. Leather Products services
  16. Footwear services
  17. Paper waste management services
  18. Printing services
  19. Publishing services
  20. Manufacture of chemical products services
  21. Manufacture metals services
  22. Construction services
  23. Electric services
  24. Gas supply services
  25. Water supply services
  26. Wholesale trade services
  27. Shipping services
  28. Local transport services
  29. Air travel services
  30. Communication services
  31. Insurance services
  32. Financial services
  33. Real estate services
  34. Medical services
  35. Dental services
  36. Motion picture services
  37. Amusement services
  38. Mining of metal ores services
  39. Banking services
  40. Engineering services
  41. Architectural services
  42. Accounting and book keeping services
  43. Education services
  44. Social services

Small size service companies

  1. Live stock services 42.Boatnical garden
  2. Papad and vadi services 43.Zoological garden
  3. Bee-keeping services 44. House Rentals
  4. Soap and detergents 45. Launderies
  5. Dhoop & agarbatti 46. Brushes/brooms
  6. Paints/ Varnishes 47.Candles
  7. Oil mills 48.gums/Resins
  8. Fax services 49.Charcol
  9. Fruit and vagetables services 50.Plastic bags
  10. Sports services 51.Plastic sheets
  11. Dairy products 52.Chalk crayons
  12. Dyeing products 53.Plastic ropes
  13. Nurseries 54.Baker
  14. Lodging place...
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