Management Planning

Unlike many companies that have made headlines with corporate scandals.
Tyco has managed to overcome their own scandal by restructuring and planning. By setting new goals and strategies and by appointing a new CEO Edward Breem. Making sure that the goals are set and it is the whole company’s responsibility. Tyco success comes from a long history of planning and strategies and implementation of those strategies.
In 1960, Tyco was founded by Arthur J. Rosenburg PH.D. and had begun a long journey of growth through acquisitions of various business. In 1962 Tyco merged with the materials research laboratory. Tyco turned it focus from the government research contacts to commercial applications. Tyco starts looking for business to acquire for develop of products manufacturing of marketing.
In 1964 Tyco become a publicly owned company. But in 1965 Tyco acquired its first acquisition Mule battery product, and then changed their name to Tyco laboratories. In 1974, Tyco stock got listed on the New York stock exchange. Over the next three decades Tyco has become a much bigger and diverse company. Their annual revenue is more than 500 million. Many of their revenue is through acquisitions. Tyco acquired 13 companies over the next 28 years.
But in 2006 the board of directors separated the company into three different publicly owned companies. They are Covidien, Tyco electronics, and Tyco International. The ethical and legal issue range from grand larceny, accounting fraud, and discrimination. The issue was part of the CEO, and some members of the board. They put their own values in front of the organization. Tyco was driven by their CEO, Dennis Kozlowsk who admired the lavish lifestyle of the former CEO Joseph Guziano. The boards of directors are responsible for Tyco shareholder’s interest.
Some of the board members were not aware of the fraud, and the other deals that were going down. The other members who were aware are just as guilty as the CEO. After Dennis...