Management Challenges


Management Challenges and Concerns Report
Manisha Holley
October 20, 2014
Sandra Rodriguez

Management Challenges and Concerns Report
According to Armstrong (1999), “Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization.” Three major responsibilities of human resource managers are staffing, workplace/ job design, and employee benefits and compensation. Overall, the primary purpose of HRM is to maximize productivity in an organization by increasing the effectiveness of that organization’s workforce. The responsibilities of HR managers will probably never change. In addition, the challenges that arise when it comes to recruiting, staffing, and retaining employees will also remain present.
Possible Causes of Recruiting, Staffing, and Retaining
The recruitment, staffing, and retention of employees are very challenging tasks. There are many possible causes as to why such tasks are coupled with roadblocks and challenges. One possible cause is the selection pool of candidates available for hiring. In today’s economy, increasing educational and technological requirements tends to decrease the size of available candidates. Unfortunately, other companies may quickly hire those candidates that meet the education and technology savvy requirements. When this happens, it can be extremely difficult to lure those employees to a new organization. Failing to create and implement a hiring strategy could also cause challenges when it comes to recruiting and staffing. Most businesses only recruit employees when there is a vacancy. While this may seem like a plausible strategy, it decreases their access to the employee pool and makes it more difficult to recruit and hire a well-qualified candidate to fill such vacancies. A host of things causes the retention challenges companies face. The economy itself is a huge cause for such retention challenges. The state of the economy...