Manage Quality

CU2954   Optional Unit-   Manage Quality

      1.1 Analyse how legislative and regulatory frameworks inform quality standards that apply to your work setting.

Within Petite Feet we follow relevant legislative and regulatory frameworks on a daily basis, a typical cross section of these are as follows: With regards to child illnesses or infections we ensure that we follow the HSC infection control guidelines, this informs us of any exclusion periods required by the children for certain infections and also clarifies symptoms for us. This is usually updated yearly and sent to all nurseries, this is also a useful tool in order for us to protect newly pregnant staff members. Many issues regarding Health & Safety are adhered to daily. We are required to ensure that all staff, children and parents are protected from harmful substances. Our COSHH guidelines are strictly followed and all harmful, hazardous substances kept in locked cupboards and used according to guidelines. Public Liability Insurance is kept up   to date and visible for all staff and clients to see as this protects them all with regards to accidents within the setting.
Minimum Standards for day care is now a legislative framework and provides assurance of a consistent level of quality throughout every childcare setting, the Minimum Standards are based on a foundation of values and principles which are: Dignity & Respect, Independence, Rights, Equality & Diversity, Choice, Privacy, Fulfilment & Confidentiality. The Minimum Standards states that “All staff must receive relevant training and understand their responsibilities and duties in respect of safeguarding and protecting children.” (Reference- Minimum Standards- childminding & Day care Page 10) I feel that good practice moving forward would be for us to support the staffs knowledge & awareness of the Equality, Child Protection, Diversity etc policies through implementing a ‘policy of the month’ or incorporating it into our...