Manage Induction

CU2950 Manage induction in Health and Social care

1.1 - Induction processes are vital to ensuring that new staff are productive as quickly as possible, and should play a key role in knowledge management initiatives.Every organisation, large or small, should have a well-considered induction programme. Employees who have a well thought-out induction are more likely to stay with the organisation. The induction programme has to provide all the information that new employees need, without overwhelming or diverting them from the essential process of integration into a team. The induction is also important for individuals using the service to ensure the new recruits have been shown or informed of the correct procedures o follow for their safety.

1.2 - Information nd support materials that are available to promote effective induction:
- Staff handbook,
- Training materials eg: dvd based,
- Common indiction standards,
- Organisational policies and procedures,
- Workbooks

1.3 - Staff induction activities / programmes are designed to provide new-starters with the information they need, as well as getting them up to speed on how the organisation works. This is an important foundation to ensure that accurate information is given to new starters in social care career. When completing skills for care induction these ‘points’ can count towards QCF units and thus lead to qualifications. By completing areas on development this will highlight to new recruits the progression routes for self development.

1.4 - The induction process includes organisations history and covers organisational policies and procedures and standards set by CQC and national standards to ensure the correct legislative and regulatory frameworks are covered. This will aid new recruits to understand the values, principles and agreed ways of working in an organisation.

1.5 - Induction is an important start for new recurits to understand their role and responsibility in their role and the...