Making Profession Presentations

Plan a professional presentation
The aim of the presentation is to inform my peers about the importance of the Water Regulations in the home environment. Even though my peers are middle managers from a variety of sectors and are not water industry specialists the content of the presentation will be of total relevance as the vast majority are UK homeowners or mature tenants of a UK household. From this perspective the presentation will offer a broad understanding of the different regulations that govern the particular products and installation requirements used in the average UK domestic dwelling. Consideration will be shown to ensure that technical terms are explained either during the presentation or by way of visual aids such as a glossary of terms or relevant handouts whilst also operating within a limited timeframe. The PowerPoint slides have been designed to offer the highest possible degree of visual clarity to ensure that my audience can see and absorb the information. The slide colouration (white text on blue background) is similar to the configuration used on motorway signposts as this is considered the most visually effective. (
Also, the text I have chosen, coupled with the use of both upper and lower case characters also is considered the most visually effective due to human shape recognition when forming words/sentences. (Baines & Dixon, 2003)
To ensure that all information conveyed during the presentation is accurate I have researched various forms of media such as books, websites, technical papers and the official WRAS information video.
“The Water Fittings Regulations (or Byelaws in Scotland) are national requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of plumbing systems, water fittings and water-using appliances. Their purpose is to prevent misuse, waste, undue consumption or erroneous measurement of water and, most importantly, to prevent contamination of drinking water.” (
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