Making Ends Meet

In the city of London, there lived two friends, both of different genders. As time passed on their friendship, their feelings for each other began to grow. This made the situation very complicated for them both, as neither of them could commit to a relationship. Even though both of them had deep and strong feelings that they both knew they were real, they could not just act on them and take the first step. They have separate commitments to attend to and they want to achieve their goals before the first step can be taken. This is all because neither one wants to be a distraction or an obstacle to the other.
Marvin, the male friend, hangs his hat in the south of London, in a town called Tooting. He grew up in an upper class family; however he often rubbed elbows with working class people, as his family had raised him not to discriminate against others. He had a dark and chiselled face that by looking at it, you could say it was a work of art by a famous sculptor. Marvin is the oldest of four siblings. Being the oldest meant he was the person responsible for his sibling’s action; so he had to constantly look out for them and try to keep them out of harm’s sight.
The female friend, who has been given the name Hannah after her grandmother, was born into a working class family. Her body is so beautiful and godly like, it is the reason cavemen made carvings in walls. She has the power to seduce any man into doing anything she pleased, just by the use of her big, full, dazzling eyes. Hannah is the third oldest in a family with six children. At all times during her stay in the house, she would be at her mother’s side. Her mother loved her the most and Hannah was the only one out of all of her siblings to attain her mother’s trust.  
The pair met in a college open evening, in the centre of the city. Both of them were influenced by their friends to attend the open evening. Not either one had plans to enrol in the college, it was destined for the two to meet. They...