Making and Remaking

The Street
Module 1: Making and remaking of the City road.
In this assignment I will be explaining about the making and remaking of the City road which is located in Cardiff.
Making and remaking of the City road
Making and remaking of the City road involves people engaging in activities and having relationships with one another. City road has people national and international working together as a community. City road is a commercial street which is over 200 years. It has been continuously been made and remade. People from all over the world and the locals opening small businesses, shopping, housing and socialising. Lots of things have changed including buildings.
In the 1960s there was just car showrooms which are now replaced by restaurants, shops, cafes, food banks for the needy and homeless also   night clubs. For example the Sari Asian shop has Asian clothing , jewellery and Jane Symmons selling products from China and Africa. No one feels excluded. It is also made by individuals like Mark Hocking who changed his line of work. Yet Colin Buttwell Corner shop could not survive because of big stores. It also involves the council keeping the street clean, sewers , collecting rubbing and Police for safety.
The making and making of the City Road will continue as long as people get involved in different activities and have relationships with one another. In terms of economic reasons City road has lot of businesses, jobs and it is busy day and night. Some will feel excluded or included in the society.
G.Blakeley and John Allen: Understanding of social lives part 1 and 2 2014
The life and times of the street