Make a Shot

The absolute basic technique in wrestling is the double leg takedown. The core takedown, the base upon which the entire sport is taught, every day the move is reviewed and improved. The attack can be separated into three steps: the prerequisites, the engagement, and the finish. The prerequisites are what is needed to even start the shot. The engagement is the beginning of the battle and the finish is the end of your opponent.
Before setting up the shot, one must have the proper stance and mindset. The preferred stance for this type of move is called a stagger stance. First, one must stand with their feet shoulder width apart and take a step forward with the lead foot, remember to spread weight evenly. If there is favoring of a foot to support oneself, the element of surprise will be compromised. Supporting a body on one foot is almost as unstable as standing on one foot, and when someone shifts their weight from one foot to another, that person can be read like a book. The point of being in a stance is to have a strong base to work with. A strong base implies that the wrestler is immovable, like a wall. To achieve the strongest base, one must be as low as possible. First, one must bend their knees, this is the main action that gets the wrestler in position. Then, he must remember to keep his head up and back straight, if he looks down, he gives up his head and loses his base. After that, the wrestler must get his mindset, “I'm going to blow this pud up.” If the wrestler follows the basics, he will win.
Once the wrestler has the stance and mindset, the real challenge can begin. He must now begin his attack, starting with finding the perfect time to strike. The best time to shoot is when the opponent can not defend it. For example, if he is standing straight up (in a bad stance), or if he expecting something else (preparing to defend another move). After you find your opening, you take a step towards the space between the opponents legs, with your...