Make a Great First Impression

Good afternoon to our trainer and my fellow colleagues. Today, I will share with you on the topic: 3 ways to create positive impression.

Now, I will proceed with my points. There are many ways to create positive impression. Any individual typically needs 5 to 10 seconds to form a better impression about someone else. Then, we need another 10 minutes to confirm our judgment. Therefore, it is importance to create positive impression so you can create a positive relationship with others as well.

I will share with you 3 ways to create positive impression. Firstly, you must keep your shyness away and try to make proper eye contact. By having proper eye contact, others will have the impression that you are a person full of confidence. This is very essential for you to make a best impression. But remember, eye contact is not staring at the person. Try to make an eye contact in a more relaxed way and also avoid staring at the person's eyes while listening to them.

Next, you must have a proper handshake. This is essential as well in order to prove you as a confident person. So, always remember when you meet a stranger, offer him a proper handshake with a proper eye contact. By doing this, you can be successful in making a perfect positive impression.

You can merely appear as more confident person if you execute a proper handshake and proper eye contact. However, at the same time you appear as a bit cold person as well. So, the third way to create positive impression is by adding a pleasant smile to your face. This smile not only make the others feels that you have got a good sense of humor, but they also feel ease in dealing with you.

So, to create positive impression on you, remember all these three ways: proper eye contact, proper handshake and most importantly, remember to smile. That’s all from me. Thank you!