Maintaining Skills of Oil Extraction Machine

Adopt stainless steel fixed grid plate and increase the horizontal grid plates, the OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE can prevent the strong miscella from flowing back to the blanking case, so as to ensure good extraction effect;The oil extraction mahcine is driven by rack, with unique rotor of balanced design, low rotating speed, low power, smooth operation, no noise and quite low maintenance cost;
With the development of economy and technology, the OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE is attached more and more people's attention. Recently the researchers use oil extraction machine to produce out   edible oil retaining the nutrients and fragrance and delicate taste, also having the characteristics such as delicious,easy to storage.
How is the oil extraction machine works?
Oil extraction machine is refer to soaking the oil material cake in the certain solvent, make the oil and grease dissolved in the solvent, form to mixed oil. Then separate the mixed oil and solid residue (meal), then evaporation and stripping according to the difference of boiling point of the mixed oil, make the solvent vaporization, separate from the oils, get the crude oil(extracted oil). Solvent recycling after condensing and cooling. There are some residual solvent in the meal, after the dehydration and drying get dry meals, the solvent reused after condensing and cooling. This is the process of the oil extraction machine.
Oil extraction machine featurs
1,Adopting negative pressure evaporation can ensure excellent oil quality
2,Extraction system is highly adaptable and can adapt to different raw materials
3,All equipment is provided with exhaust gas absorption systems with excellent absorption effect,
Full energy saving design utilizes heat energy for many times and save steam consumption.