Main Issue

The Main Issue

Controversy of nursing comes in many different forms; some in ways that individuals didn’t know mattered or was considered controversial.   Every controversial topic has its own way of bringing chaos into the nursing field. An example of one these topics is job placement in the nursing field. In the nursing field there are many job opportunities that are available while few are up for grabs. This example barely touches the surface of the many topics that are controversial.  

The Main Issues
Within every situation or topic in life comes controversy, no matter what the subject might be; there will always be different opinions that cause controversy. In nursing, there are a lot of situations that cause controversy. One of the main “soft spots” of nursing would be education.
Education is a big controversy of nursing for lots of reasons. One reason being that education changes so much over time and there is always new requirements to be met. Often times nursing majors aren’t familiar with current updates on what is takes to complete your education milestone as a nursing major .   “Dating back to 1965 when a position paper was published by the American Nursing Association calling for the BS (Bachelor of Science) being the minimum requirement for entry into professional nursing practice, this controversy continues today to frustrate and divide those in and associated with the field” (karenannquinlanhospice, 2013). Completing a nursing education isn’t one of the easiest tasks to complete, and having education as one of the most controversial factors doesn’t help the issue. Another reason education is controversy of nursing is technical knowledge. Technical knowledge and knowing how to operate computers and other technology plays a big role in the nursing field. Without the proper education on how to operate technical equipment.
Whenever you begin a job, you start off doing a specific task; one that you most likely specialize in. When a...