Maiden's Tower

Informative Outline
Title: Maiden’s Tower |
Specific purpose: To give information about Maiden’s Tower . |
I. Introduction |
    A. Attention Material:       Maiden’s Tower is one of most exciting tourist attractions. It was built over a small rock located at the intersection point of the two continents Europe and Asia.It also has been used in popular films. |
    B. Tie to the audience:       Maiden’s Tower is the symbol of Istanbul, due to its 2,500 years of history and legends that have been subject to many stories and poems throughout history. |
    C. Credibility material:       I have been fascinated by the location of the Maiden’s Tower since I have been there first time.
    I have done research on the Internet. |
    D. Preview:      First I will talk about tower’s location.
    I will tell two stories about its history.
    I will talk about films which tower has been used. |
II. Body |
    Maiden’s tower was built over a small rock located at the intersection point of the two continents Europe and Asia, witnessed what the city encountered for 2,500 years and has led to many legendary stories throughout history.
    The first story about Maiden’s tower is based on the love of Hero and Leandros which was recorded by Ovidius. Hero was a nun from the temple of Aphrodite and prohibited to love, therefore, she was placed to a tower to be protected from men. However, one day she left the tower for a ritual at the temple and on her way back she came across with Leandros. The passionate and melancholic glance of Leandros affected Hero from deep inside. Hero and Leandros fell in love with each other and had the feeling that their hart will not beat for someone else again.
    They blessed their love after Leandros’ visit to the tower at night. The tower was the witness of these young lovers and its lighthouse was guiding only the heart of Leandros. The only fear of Hero was the anger of goddess.   On a stormy night, when...