Magister Management

              To Becoming a Distinguished Airline

              from that in 2007 (0.13/10.000 pax). In order to sharpen its competitiveness in facing intense competition in airlines industry in the turnaround business phase, Garuda Indonesia   is concentrating on reformation efforts and development of flight safety and service aspects   as well as efficiency.

              Human Resources
              In order to acquire excellent employees that capable of conducting effective and optimal role at various key positions, Garuda Indonesia is concentrating on Human Capital Management approach by focusing on personnels as valuable assets for Garuda and not merely as a supporting factor or an available resource. Each employee is required to put an excellence on which includes; knowledge, skill and working attitude, therefore they may enhance productivity and performance, either in working environment and individual life generally. To become a human capital shall be a main goal for each employee, likewise an opportunity in achieving a more fundamental long term goal.

              In 2008, Human Capital Management approach applied by Garuda Indonesia was emphasizing focus on culture transformation that develops Garuda yang to become not only a good one, but shall be a great one, creating a leadership mentality as well as promoting an integrated learning and development.

              Operated within a competitive and dynamic industry, Garuda Indonesia is required to constantly acquire a correct working force composition, in order to maintain its superiority. Besides developing its development strategy in Human Capital correctly in line with Garuda dynamics, Garuda has always been regularly reviewing its employee necessity, both in quantity and quality. Up to the end of 2009, the amount of permanent employees of Garuda Indonesia was 4.668 employees, lesser than that in 2008 (5.355 employees) and 2007...