Magen Fox

Without a doubt, I don’t have a long time, but neither did Jesus, Che, or Alexander The Great. I want to get to know you for your boyfriend gets back. Suffice to say, you possess the ability to put any man on his heels, but why must you drown me in my sorrows by being with a creature as ugly as a hyena. Subsequently, I know I don’t look like David Beckham, however I can still swing my balls around my back pretty nicely. I am very knowledgeable, and morally a pessimist. Moreover, I can hear whispers of your phone number through wind. I can also imagine you knocking on my door, asking me “is it me who you’re looking for”. In addition, the year is 2009, a lot has changed. We have a black U.S. President. Chivalry is dead, Casanova is dead, and romance is dead. However, your Romeo is standing before you and gazing into your eyes. The night is young as are we. That is, why waste what God has given us so generously and religiously: your curves and my six pack. I’m not saying we are going to be compatible, you might hit me every day, or I might try to kill you, but I do think our destiny is to be together. I want you to be the love of my life. I know every man says this, however I mean it from the bottom of my soul.

                I don’t want to look too far into the future but with my warm heart and tender passion I have for you, I look forward to us having a family. I know I will be a better dad than John Gosslin. I will wake up during the sleepless nights to sing our babies back to sleep while you just dream. I will make sure the kids are cleaner than Mr. Clean. The only time I will request for your assistance is when, well it’s time for them to be breast fed.

            Babe, I imagine the day our kids will go off to college, you and I and will sit out on our balcony, in Barcelona, looking at the sun set, drinking the finest French wine. You will be saying “they grew so fast and it seem like we only met yesterday”. Just imagine how happy will be together. I...