Maesurement of Fixed Assete in Yemen

Measurement and Evaluation of Fixed Assets of Companies in Yemen and its relationship to International Accounting Standards

1. Introduction and problem of the study
Yemeni economy suffers - like other economies of the developing countries - the problem of inflation, and this affects the accuracy of the accounting valuation of fixed assets as a result of the decline in the price of the local currency.

Some of the limitations faced by the accounting profession in Yemen is the lack of empirical evidence in front of academics and the accounting professionals on the accounting policies applied in the Yemeni companies in the measurement and evaluation of fixed assets, and create a link between accounting thought and reality for practice accounting profession in order to develop and adapt to international circumstances surrounding it.

2. Importance of Study
The Importance of this research refers to the following:
1. Economic development witnessed by Yemen and the spread of shareholding companies in Yemen. This development is not accompanied by the development in the profession of accounting and auditing at the same level.

2. Raising the phenomenon of inflation as a matter of impact on the financial reports which are the important sources of information needed by many internal and external parties.

3. Providing information in accordance with the international accounting criteria in order to be an effective tool to rationalize decisions at both domestic and international levels under expansion in fields of investments and spread of multinational company.

4. Possibility of making use of the search results to identify problems of application in shareholding companies in Yemen.

5. Possibility of making use of the international accounting criteria, while providing the conditions and appropriate possibilities to develop it locally, and extract what commensurate with the local environment.

3. Study Objectives
Study aims to achieve the following...