Is Maestro just a novel about music? Discuss.
‘Maestro’ a novel written by Peter Goldsworthy is a novel based around a boy named Paul who strives for musical ‘perfection.’ To guide Paul on his journey is his piano teacher, ‘the maestro’ Eduard Keller. The relationship between the introverted and slightly odd Keller and the somewhat arrogant Paul gets off to a rocky start. Paul struggles to understand Keller’s teaching methods and so does John and Nancy Paul’s parents. But lesson after lesson the conflicting personalities of the teacher and the student creates a strong relationship which they both are desperate for. A relationship which puts both Paul and Keller on the same levels none having more authority than the other. This novel turns out to be so much more than a novel just about music and the piano. It is a novel of growth and maturity, with music linking certain people together. Music allows Paul to grow and understand that he isn’t the best in the world and learns humility while at the same time Keller learns to love again seeing a lot of his own son with in Paul. From Paul’s growth he learns what true love and appreciation is having to make tough decisions between Rosie and Megan. Also from this novel it’s a lot about first impressions and not judging people by their first appearance.
Herr Eduard Keller, ‘a drunk’ ‘relies on piano lessons payments to get by,’ ‘loveless’ are all quotes from the novel that are used to describe Keller. Goldsworthy’s use of setting and writing in the style of an autobiography of Paul’s life gives the reader the impression that these quotes are in fact true. But as you read on the novel goes deeper and deeper into Keller’s life, and we learn that he is just escaping from his previous life, which is full of hurt and anger. Keller did seem to have it all fame and even fortune and was the best he could possibly be in his chosen field. But as the Nazi’s ‘betrayed’ Keller by killing his family his life goes into turmoil and he...