Macdonalds Marketing

In order to develop a successful marketing strategy, it is very important for companies to understand its target customers. MacDonald has segmented their products according to demographic, psychographic and behavioral. They positioned their products mainly between family, kids , students, café goers and working adults.
Market segmentation is defined as dividing a single market into smaller segments. The need for dividing the market into small segments is to supply to the distinct need of smaller groups of consumers and to manufacture different products according to their consumer habits.
MacDonald’s segmentation has been done on three different bases.
  1) Demographics segmentation: Mainly for kids , family, students , café goers and working adults

McDonalds offer many different types of products like the world famous happy meal which is typically a form of kids meal which was marketed towards children since 1979. It includes a toy with the food, both of which are usually contained in a box or paper bag with the McDonald's logo. For families they also have many different types of family meals for special occasions, parents may also purchase a family meal instead of ordering individually. In various countries McDonalds also has student’s meals which makes it more affordable for students . Students also tend to hang out at McDonalds to study. For café goers they have mccafe which has a quieter ambience, a place to relax or even for business entertainments. For working adults they seek fast and convenience meals ‘grab and go’ which McDonalds also cater to such as drive-thru, takeaways and mcdelivery

  2) Psychographic segmentation
Macdonald   has   adopted its marketing strategy according to the lifestyle of consumers around the world. An example would be as to accommodate the trend for high quality coffee, McDonalds’s Australia first introduced mccafe a café styled accompaniment to McDonalds. Today, most McDonald's in Australia have McCafés...