A famous man once said “We create our own demons.”. How does that relate to this story of Macbeth? By listening to the three witches, Macbeth killed many people in his quest for power and to maintain his power; thus creating enough of his own demons to drive him and his wife insane and then later they both end up dead.
The three witches in this story represent the three fates of Greek mythology in a lot of ways. They both manipulate prophecies to create chaos in the world. Fate was used to manipulate Macbeth and convince him to kill a number of people in a bloodthirsty quest to gain power and keep it. He listened to the fate’s prophecy and lost his self will creating a neverending chaos. “Bring forth men-children only/That they have done it.” (Act 1.7) Macbeth has finally agreed with the prophecy and given away his self will, thus starting his conquest for power. Here is where his first murder begins.
“I do not believe in a fate that falls on mon however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.” Buddha once said. In life, fate is determined or established by our decisions or our “self will”. Unfortunately, Macbeth lost sight of his self will and gave in to the fates’ prophecy, of which, cost him his head; both mentally and physically. “Be lion-melted/Shall come against him.” (Act 4.1) Macbeth surrendered his self will and gave into fate. Bloodthisty and power hungry, he received a prophecy again from the three fates and started to fear even more for his kingdom becoming more and more desperate to fulfill the original prophecy and follow his fate.
Fate is a confusing subject for people - Do you follow it or do you change it? Macbeth chose wrong and followed his “fate” by killing everyone that stood in his way. Just like the quote “We create our own demons.”, Macbeth created his and then embraced them; becoming a demon himself. A demon of greed and lust for power. “By the pricking of my thumb something wicked this way comes.” (Act...