Analyse the character of Lady Macbeth in detail, looking closely at her relationship with her husband. To what extent does she influence Macbeth in committing the murders? What changes take place in her character during the play?

Lady Macbeth’s deceitful and corruptive behaviour is introduced to the readers in Act One Scene 5. Whilst she is reading out the letter (that soon leads to both of their demises) you do not know of the destruction she is about to release all throughout Europe.
Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s relationship is quite an odd one for the era the play is set in. In the 16th century (Shakespeare’s time) women had no power. There husbands were chosen for them, they were not allowed to work or to be educated. In fact, it’s a wonder as to how Lady Macbeth learned to read! It’s amazing how much power Lady Macbeth seems to have over a character that seems to be so ruthless and tough. Her ability to control her husbands mind is overwhelming. Also the fact that she has this power and is not fearful of the man she is with is another courageous quality she possesses. ‘Yet I do fear thy nature: it is too full o’ the milk of human kindness’ (act one, scene five) this quote indicates that she thinks of Macbeth as weak (which comes as a shock to our brains who know him as callous).
Lady Macbeth also has the capability to manipulate Macbeth’s mind into doing what she thinks is right. ‘We will proceed no further of this business’ (act one, scene seven, line 37) says Macbeth implying that he will no longer have any part in the treason. Lady Macbeth quickly responds with ‘Such I account thy love […] Like the poor cat i’the adage?’ In these two lines (act one, scene seven, line 42-49) Lady Macbeth is saying that his love for her is as weak as his ambition to kill Duncan is   and that he is like a cat who wants a fish (the crown) but is too scared to get its feet wet (commit the murder). Basically in this part of the play she is calling him cowardly. She is more...