Macbeth Superstitions

Thesis: Today, I will talk about the history of the so-called “accursed play”, talk about the theoretical counter-curses, and finally some of the tragedies associated with the show.  
  II. Body Point 1
  1. William Shakespeare used the wording for the “spell” from a real dark magic ceremony.
  2. According to rumor, a group of witch’s were greatly angered from having their rituals revealed to the public, so they laid a curse on the show.
  3. Whenever anyone mentions the name “Macbeth” or says a quote from the this Scottish play while in the theater, the curse is supposedly triggered, bringing bad luck while in the theater.
  4. During rehearsal process for the actual show, actors typically refer to the show as “the Scottish play” and do not use the name Macbeth, typically substituting it with “MacB”
  III. Body Point 2
  1. One question that some people probably have, is what can one do to   reverse the curse once it has been activated.
  2. Several different ways to supposedly counter the curse:
      a. Once the name Macbeth has been said in the theater, the speaker must leave at once, walk around the block three times, spit over their left shoulder, and use a cuss word.
      b. Slight variation is that a person must leave the theater, spin around three times, knock and ask for permission to enter, and must apologize to the theater while entering.
      c. A person must quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is a show filled only with good spirits.
  IV. Body Point 3
  A. Examples of tragedies occurring during the run of the show over history
        1. The first performance in 1606, William Shakespeare had to play Lady Macbeth when the original actor became feverish and died
        2. 1672: the actor playing Macbeth used a real dagger versus a fake one, and killed the actor playing Duncan
        3. 1849: 31 people were trampled to death during a riot that broke out during the show
        4. 1926: character playing Lady...