Mac Cosmetics

M-A-C Cosmetics

Makeup Artist Cosmetics Inc.   or as we know M-A-C Cosmetics was founded in 1984.   Makeup Artist Frank Angelo and Photographer Frank Toskan both Canadians founded M-A-C Cosmetics.   They wanted to find a product that would work better and look better in photo shoots and in bright lighting.   Toskan spent many late hours in his kitchen with his brother-in-law Chemist Victor Casale.   They were formulating the perfect combinations of ingredients and colors.   M-A-C has a diversity for their brand.   Their mantra is all ages, all races, and all sexes.
M-A-C initially marketed to people in the high fashion industry models, make-up artist, celebrities, etc.   In 1991 M-A-C opened their first store in New York City’s stylish Greenwich Village.   In 1996 M-A-C opened their first European store in, of course, Paris.   Estee Lauder is another world recognized cosmetic company.   In 1994 Estee Lauder bought into M-A-C.   By 1998 Estee Lauder owned M-A-C completely.
M-A-C cosmetics have a client-focused philosophy.   They don’t use advertising to drive their sales.   They rely on word-of-mouth.   Their customers are their biggest advertisers.   Once they come in and have an excellent experience they will go and tell their friends and family and word spreads of the great products.   Sales are also driven by celebrity endorsements.   That is the most kind of advertising you will see.
Another essential part if the M-A-C philosophy is the Makeup Artist.   “I don’t have the luxury of communicating with my clients, so therefore my sales people are the link between my philosophy and their customers.” –Frank Toskan.   The Makeup Artist goes through a thorough training.   They are not trained to pressure sale.   They do not talk their clients into buying their products.   The artist acts a resource and artistic consultant.   M-A-C cosmetics strive on client and employee loyalty.
M-A-C Cosmetic has had the M-A-C AIDS Fund since 1985.   It helps fight for men, women, and children...