M1 Lpd

Unit 6: Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care
M1: Assess the impact of key influences on the personal learning processes on own learning.
I will be preparing for a work placement in a health and social care service providers which will allow me to develop personal and professional development portfolio.
There are various factors as to what affects my learning but also the influences. One of the many factors that can influences my learning is friends this is because they can often be distracting at times when learning in lesson but they are also helpful at times when helping me to catch up with my studies. Having friends as a key influence in my personal learning process is vital as they provide support and motivation when needed by encouraging me to hand in the work on time if I need help they would provide me with their assistance rather than having to find a teacher and asking them about the assignments provided. Although the negative affect of having friends part of my learning process is that we can often be distracted in class and are discussing lunch time topics rather than topics related to our work. On my timeline I went to four different high schools listed although this can be a positive aspect it can also be a negative. This is because always having to make new friends in class can be difficult and often you won’t have friends in the class supporting you as you are the new student so it can be difficult when trying to do your work also a lack of motivation due to having no one in your class helping you do the work can affect my learning.
Although the positive aspect of moving schools was that I made new friends every time and it helped me to develop my communication skills and expand my network of friends. I am able to relate the Kolb’s theory (1984) on having an experience then reviewing the experience, making a conclusion and then planning what to do next. So when moving to different high schools there is always going to...