M1 – Discuss Similarities and Differences in the Nutritional and Energy Requirements of Two Groups of Individuals

M1 – Discuss similarities and differences in the nutritional and energy requirements of two groups of individuals

I chose to look at two different social groups, which is a pregnant women and a teenage girl that is 16 years old. The differences between the pregnant woman and the 16 year old teenage girl, is when it comes to their energy and nutritional requirements, for example: the teenage girl who is 16years of age needs to have 1800 calories per day whilst a pregnant woman needs to have 350 calories per day so there is quite a difference between the both.

In addition, the 16 year old teenage girl needs these calories intake as she’s still developing and growing. For that reason, it is recommended that this teenager requirement is to make sure that she recognizes her calories and nutritional intake needs, as this will have effect on her substantially in terms of being healthy. It will also prevent her from being at risk of receiving healthy problems such as having obesity which would happen if she’s taking in a lot of calories that she shouldn’t.

On the other hand, when it comes to a pregnant woman she requires fewer calories related to a teenager as she needs to maintain her pregnancy weight as well as keeping her energy active. Withal, the pregnant woman wants to make sure that she eats well throughout her pregnancy and also chooses high quality of food that is rich in baby building nutrients. Therefore, with the pregnant woman consumption of healthy food, this will have emotional impact on her unborn child substantially that by the time she gets to give birth, her baby will look healthy.

However, when it comes to the comparisons between the teenager girl and the pregnant woman is that they both need to take in the right calories as this will affect them physically in relations of their wellbeing. With the teenager and the pregnant woman taking in the right nutrients they will be not likely to be at danger of getting health problems such as being...