Lx Type Singel Girde Suspension Overhead Crane

The crane is equipped with the ground, control room and remote control, control room has two forms included end and side opened door, for users to choose to use.

Introdction of LX single girder suspension overhead crane
LX single girder suspension overhead crane is a type of crane where the hook-and-line mechanism runs along a horizontal beam that it runs along two widely separated rails itself. Often it is in a long factory building and runs along rails along the building's two long walls. It is similar to a gantry crane. Overhead crane is mainly composed of bridge, running gear of crane, trolley and electric device, etc. LX single girder suspension overhead crane typically consist of either a single beam or a double beam construction. These can be built using typical steel beams or a more complex box girder type. Double Girder Bridge is more typical when needing heavier capacity systems from 10 tons and above.LX single girder suspension overhead crane and CD1, MD1 model electric hoist are used together as a comlete set. It is a light duty track traveling crane with trajectory which applies to and used at machinery assembling sites and warehouses. This product adopts ground controlling, it is prohibited to use the equipment at combustible, explosive and corrosive environment.

LX single girder suspension overhead crane consists of three major components
l the overhead crane, which traverses across the runway.
2 The crane trolley, which traverses across the bridge and lifts up and down.
3 the runway, which is tied to the building structure.
With large lifting capacity and durable property, it is widely applied in steel factory, water station, shipyard maintenance workshop, warehouse, assembly line, etc.

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