The lunchroom is a place where kids can take a break. The tables are circular and sit eight people around. The circle adds to the excitement because everyone at the table is looking at each other. The students can tell stories, laugh and sit with your friends. During the school day if you have a free period, you can go to the lunchroom and get work done.   You can use it to get work done or even study for an upcoming test. The lunchroom provides a very good place to do this because it is very big. During lunch the lunchroom can get very crowed and load.   When you are trying to tell your friends a story, they might not be able to hear you from the other side of the table because of the noise. This might not be as inviting to some people.   The people who don’t like to be in a crazy environment would much rather sit outside where it is less crazy.   Another thing is that the food is always the same. There is only one change every day and that is the meal of the day. The rest of the time the food choice is the same.

Firs off, the sights are amazing. When you walk in there are two different sections of the lunchroom. One side there is tables that are very long and fit a lot of people and table that are circular that fit eight people. The room is coincidently divided between grades. The upper classmen have the side with the long tables and the lower classmen have the circle tables.   There is a huge food court. When you walk in the ice cold drinks are on one side and the crispy fries, the steamy nachos, and the sizzling pizza are on the other side. There is a variety of food to choose from and many cold drinks.

In addition to the sights, the smell is extremely strong. While you are sitting down you can smell the sweet cookies getting baked fresh. The other thing that stands out a lot is the meal of the day. The meal of the day is different every day, so when you walk in the lunchroom you can smell a new smell. The one smell that stands out the most is the pizza....