Lula Magazine

Review and compare the publications of Lula and Elle Magazine.

I chose to review Lula magazine and Elle magazine simply because they are both publications that I enjoy to read but for different reasons. Lula is an aspirational magazine; I fall in love with every page and the imagination behind the styling and the photo shoots, I also think the ethos is one that I really admire. Elle magazine In contrast to Lula is a monthly magazine, and is more mainstream. I enjoy the magazine to keep up with current trends and for the photo spreads.

  Stylist Leith Clark founded Lula magazine in 2006, for people who love fashion, music and art. The magazine describes itself as ‘the kind of girl you would have a crush on’ and the tag line for the magazine is ‘Lula, Girl of my Dreams’. The girl represented inside the magazine is a confidant, carefree girlie girl who is the envy of any girl who reads it. The magazine itself is thick and luxurious making the price tag quite expensive, mainly due to the quality of the paper, photographs and the fact that there are only two issues per year.   The target audience for this magazine would be any girl with a love for all things whimsical and an interest in fashion. The content if the magazine is mainly pictures, with interviews with relevant photographers, stylists and designers. There are no large articles, just photography with large quotes across plain pages. The typeface for the magazine is called Kursivschrift Stehend and it is very bold and script like. Photographers such as Ellen Von Unwerth, Lina Scheynius and Autumn de Wilde contribute regularly to the magazine; all of their styles suit the publication perfectly. Leith Clark herself also styles many of the shoots. The advances in technology have helped Lula to create worn out vintage looking photo shoots. Many of the photos are taken with a Polaroid camera then scanned and processed, which give the photographs the effect of an old loved photograph that is worn out in the...