Lt Week 3

There can be many challenges in relation to managerial issues as they relate to managing an organizations Information System infrastructure also known as (IS). We will discussion the following topics:

• Information related to configuration management and preventative maintenance
• Industry standards in configuration management and control
• Training approaches to allow for adaptive maintenance and confidence.
• The effect of globalization on managing and IS infrastructure

There are many difficulties in managing an infrastructure some of those challenges include supporting existing applications while staying up with all the latest changes. A strong infrastructure is the cornerstone of information system management; it provides strong network connection and the required framework to maintain a successful business.

Configuration Management and Preventive Maintenance

Configuration management is an important aspect of an organization. Management must be prepared to make decisions regarding buying or building a system.   They must also understand the costs involved in both scenarios. Management needs to make judgments based on quantitative and qualitative issues. Issues and decision-making drivers need to be recognized and quantified when possible to provide information for managers to make their decisions (Dart, 2013).

Preventative maintenance encompasses all the steps necessary to reduce the risk of encountering a serious IS infrastructure issue.   This could include everything from resetting passwords to system backups.   In the managerial aspect it is important to maintain security of the system as well and a backup contingency plan. Some of the essential maintenance steps that should be taken as necessary include installing current operating systems including security software and all make sure all updates are maintained.   Another important area is to ensure that all administration passwords are protected and separated by authorization based on that...