Low Down Dirty Blues and Candida Comparison Essay

Low down dirty blues and Candida though both climactic are so different in many ways. Both plays were climatic in how they had few characters, it occurred in one location, and both plays covered a short period of time. Although with those similarities, Candida was a drama verses a musical like Low down dirty blues. Even though different, they were both very entertaining.
Low down dirty blues explores a late-night blues club that through the rough times in Chicago brought people together for a "blues-ical!" Big Mama was one of the characters in the play that through her music, she expresses what she needs in a man to keep her smiling. All the performers engaged in despair, hope, spirituality and sexual metaphors that kept the audience at the edge of their feet. Through their songs and performance, you can feel and see the emotions come right out their bodies. Through their music, body language, and passion they were able to tell the story on their struggles, passion for the blues, and dreams they had. A masterpiece performance that was deeply moving.
Big Mama and the other performers brought a sense of "realism" in the story telling verses just acting out the parts to the audience like Candida. They directly spoke to us as if we were in the late-night club as well. At one point in the play, they interacted with a couple in the audience which gave the illusion that we were in Chicago. The musical came alive through me as though I was performing too! That is why I stood up dancing and clapping pretty much the whole show. In a nut shell, low down dirty blues invited the audience members to be a part of their performance. There was never a moment where they seperated the audience members from the play.
Also in Low down dirty blues, the performers told us the story through their songs. Although they did act, they directly spoke to us, the audience. The stage was set up to where some members of the audience were placed in the club itself. There were tables...