English Recount

I woke up at six o’clock in the morning, with Dad telling me to hurry up, I got up got dressed and had an Up n Go. I grabbed my bags and got into the taxi and we were on our way to the Airport. We arrived at the airport checked up, went through security and had a coffee, whilst waiting for the plane to start boarding. The voiceover called for our plane that was headed for Melbourne, so we made our way to the gate, and got into the Virgin Blue Plane.

Once we were on the plane I purchased foxtel so I could watch it on the Plane, as Dad slept. Once we arrived in Melbourne we grabbed out bags, and headed to the Rental car car park. We got the keys for our Ford Focus, and headed to our apartment that was about a kilometres walk from the MCG. We checked in placed down our bags, and then we were off walking to the MCG, for the Grand Final, we had Melbourne Boardroom tickets so we arrived there about eleven o’clock and had a bit of a walk around and took some photos. We headed up to the Boardroom. Once we were there it was about twelve o’clock and had food that was supplied that was Lamb, they had a few AFL greats talking there, including, Robert Harvey, Billy Brownless, Shane Wakelin. After sitting there for a while it was time for the game, as we were walking to our seats we bumped into Mick Malthouse the Collingwood coach, I love Collingwood so I got a photo with him. So we walked out for the Pre Game entertainment that was The Hunters and Collectors’ singing their great song Holy Grail, which is relevant to AFL and the premiership cup.   Also Jimmy Barnes sang two of his well known song in “You’re the Voice” and “No Second Prize”

Now it was time for the “Main Event”, The GRAND FINAL, St Kilda v.s Geelong, the ball was bounced and ninety nine thousand, two hundred and fifty one people were screaming their heads off and cheering for their team, it was bound to be one of the best grand finals as each team had only lost two games each for the whole...