Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted a fairytale relationship with my Prince Charming. I will admit that Disney and television have raised my standards of what a good relationship really is, therefore making these relationships seem unattainable. In reality, a good relationship can be defined in terms of physical attraction, communication, trust, support, compromise and romance.   It includes recognizing a partners flaws, strengths, and weaknesses but accepting them just as they are.
      Physical attraction is important in a romantic relationship because it is what attracts a person to his or her partner. One could have an amazing personality and other great features, but if there is no physical attraction, a relationship cannot be established. Communication is a crucial aspect of a relationship. It helps to understand each other better, share feelings, solve problems, and release tension.
      Trust is also an essential part of good relationships. It means having no doubt about the honesty, integrity, and credibility of the other person. “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break”.   This quote means that once lost, trust can be extremely hard to regain and might never be the same.
          It’s a great feeling to know that there is moral support coming from a person of great significance. Just as parents support their children, couples should be there to listen, and support one another. Compromise is the ability to work through problems even when facing situations that might not exactly be completely agreed on.   It is about finding a balance and being able to come to terms with it.
          Romance is my favorite part of a good relationship. It is not only a great way to express one’s feelings, but it provides a sense of happiness. Show love, express love, act upon these emotions. Very commonly partners go out of their way on special occasions to surprise one another with gifts that are meaningful, and from the heart. These romantic,...