Love; n, an immense attraction towards another person.

When you are really in love, there is no way to explain how you feel. Its like explaining the way water tastes. No love is the same, but it does have its “basics”.
What do men look for in women? Do women need to be sexy and hot to get a mans attention? No.
All women who think that clearly don't pay attention, wake up ladies. You want a man? The one thing men look for in women is friendship. Men want a woman they can trust, someone who makes them feel safe and secure in revealing every part of themselves. Show him no matter what he reveals to you, he can do it without judgment and criticism. The way to a mans heart is to reach him deeply, to let him know you love everything about him. Build this emotional connection and nurture it so that it is the most secure part of your relationship. This foundation is the secret to earning a deep, enduring connection with your guy and will give you a much better chance for a lifelong union. Wait until this foundation is firmly established before you begin having sex. Becoming physically intimate too soon will inhibit the formation of bonding with your guy emotionally, so give it some time before you throw sex into the picture. You can see that those cover model looks are really not the key to attracting and holding a man's attention after all. It is the inner qualities that make a man fall in love and provide you with the loving relationship that you desire.